What We Do

The team at Clann Hospitality provide comprehensive management services to all of our properties. Our main areas of expertise are in the following fields:


Hotel Management Services & Contracts


Under a management contract our executive team will ensure each property is successfully managed, yielding profitable results for our hotel owners. Our focus is on driving valued revenue through all the necessary channels and markets with which each hotel operates in whilst ensuring costs are controlled yielding quick and swift returns on investment for our clients.

We have a team of individuals on board whom all have varied experience and expertise in the following areas

  • Accommodation & Housekeeping
  • Bar Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Conference, Weddings & Events
  • Kitchen Management
  • Leisure Clubs
  • Golf Resorts
  • Spa


Financial Reporting & Controls


We believe that considerable investment in the best financial people & tools is an integral part of what we offer. As a result, improved decision-making is at the heart of everything our straightforward, user-friendly financial systems do. Our robust accounting system provides the essential information, reports and intelligence our properties need to create commercial success.


  •                 Month End Accounts Detailing Performance Vs Budget and Previous Years
  •                 Daily & Weekly Revenue Reports
  •                 Daily & Weekly Labour Reports
  •                 Weekly Revenue and Labour Forecasting Reports
  •                 Monthly Accommodation Forecasting Reports  
  •                 Weekly Creditor & Debtor Reporting
  •                 Food & Beverage Flash Reports
  •                 Cash Flow Forecasting
  •                 Balance Sheet  
  •                 Purchase Order Systems
  •                 Group Purchasing / Suppliers


Human Resources Management


With over 250 current employees, our Human Resources team play a strategic role in managing our people. In an ever competitive market it is our people whom we believe give us the competitive edge over our competitors.

As well as ensuring our practices and procedures are in line with all national and employer legislation, our Human Resources team look after the following:


  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Development
  • Safety & Wellness
  • Benefits
  • Motivation
  • Rewarding


Sales & Marketing


The Clann Hospitality sales and marketing team draws on more than 25 years of industry experience. Innovation is key. We operate on a proactive policy, so that our properties are equipped with a cutting-edge suite of tools. Our team navigates the digital landscape with ease, overseeing brand building, e-commerce, public relations, social media, marketing communications, advertising and sales strategies. Our extensive experience includes delivering success in the ever-competitive conference, event, incentive, leisure and golf markets.


A comprehensive Sales & Marketing plan will be created and devised for each property. No property is the same and this plan will be carefully tailored to be specific to the markets with which the hotel operates in. We believe that defining a clear target market for each of our partner properties is integral to creating long-term success. We work intimately with our properties to live and breathe the needs and desires of their specific target market. This essential step allows us to align all elements of operations, marketing and sales to deliver an offering that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.


Revenue Management


Our approach is to sell the right room at the right rate at the right time via the right channel.

Our centralised team ensure we have an effective revenue management system in place in all of our properties. Maximising all opportunities is key to our success. We monitor the room sales and pick up on a daily basis ensuring we make swift and correct decisions on bedroom pricing allocations across all of the market segments. Forecasting is crucial here and our team provide each property with a 3 and 6 month forecasting report on a weekly basis ensuring we seize every opportunity to realise our full potential on all dates.


Health & Safety


We take great pride in our approach and investment in ensuring our guests, clients, patrons, staff and contractors are residing, dining, relaxing or working in a safe environment at all times.


  • Hotel Safety Statements
  • Hotel BCP Plans
  • Hotel Health & Safety Monthly Report
  • Health & Safety Representatives & Committee in each Property
  • Incident/Accident Tracking Reporting & Analysis  
  • Risk Assessments
  • Training